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Midstate End to End patch

Doug's walk

Hi! Thanks for sending the trail guide. It was very helpful with my latest part of the journey. I spent a few hours (4 1/2) hiking more of the trail yesterday. I went north from route 12 in Oxford to route 20 in Charlton. It was very humid and the deerflies and ticks were ruthless. The scenery was beautiful! I did not see any other hikers though. I found two parts of the 12 to 20 stretch where the markers either disappear for a while or are anything but obvious. The saw mill off of Old Charlton Road was a challenge. There were no markers for about 1/2 a mile or so between the gas pipeline and the road after you pass the saw mill. It took about 1/2 an hr to get back on track there. The other tricky part was at the horse farm after the farm pond. I lost the trail for a while due to overgrown ground flora. That took another 45 minutes. I noticed on the way back that the trail was much easier to follow. That is, the markers were more readily seen. Maybe the trail is maintained from north to south. Anyway, it was the most difficult part so far and only because of poor visible marks. The trail itself is in great condition. Its good to see the good people at Mass Highways built a tunnel under route 20. I have some pictures for you. ~ Doug

Maynard's walk

A friend and I started hiking the Mid State trail today. We parked at Wallum Lake with the goal of going south to the RI/MA marker as a starter. Went north instead, and got as far as 4.15. We had lunch there and hiked back to the Lake parking lot. The day was warm, and that cold lake water felt good on our tired feet when we returned. We thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Never saw a soul, even though it is a school vacation week. We were,however, fascinated by the small blue moths. We saw several pairs mostly at the southern end of the trail. The yellow blazes are great, easy to follow and kept us on the trail in both directions. The trail maintenance is fantastic. We are from Cape Cod where our trails are mostly covered with pine needles or are sand. The trail hiking guide is nicely done. Coming back, going North to South, we were able to follow the guide's points of interest and enjoyed them. We did find the Southern New England Trunkline Trail a small river, but with a little ingenuity got across with a minimum of inconvenience. We'll be back and have every intention of doing the entire 92 miles. Please thank your committee for us. The day was very enjoyable, and walking on those wooded trails is a joy.    Sincerely, Maynard Simpson


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