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Hi Don, I finished the second leg of my journey about a month ago and waited till I had photos to write. If I remember correctly There wasn't any bad weather this time, but once again the mosquitos made it unbearable. I intend to wait till fall to finish the trek due to the little buggers. I checked my bug spray and realized it was of insufficient strength.

I really enjoyed the Barre dam with the frisbee course, very cool. Checked my map, keep an informal diary so I can remember. I started on6-29 at 8:00a.m. at G.H. Wilson road.

Made it to 40.74N by 12:20, McCormick Road. I don't remember exactly where but I walked into a 4H camp and was detained for security reasons for 10 minutes. It wasn't a serious problem but it was a bit strange at the least, being questioned out in the middle of somewhere. I camped at Long Pond, and must admit I was pretty sore after 16 miles with a full pack.

Only made it to 58.7N on the next day which leaves me 34 miles to go. I might have to make it a 2 nighter to finish in one more trip. The only people I've seen on the trail so far were two guys drinking at one of the open shelters.
I saw a moose briefly, a first. I have been hiking regularly here in R.I. and just got back from a week in the White Mountains and have never, ever experienced clouds of mosquitoes like that in my life. They were biting me between the ribs in my socks, the opening at the cuff of my long sleeve shirt and attacked my bare hands relentlessly. Oh well, better luck next life.

Take care, J.B.R

Wanted to get back to you before my memory fails. As you know I have had some difficult times with this journey, some expected, some not. Finally the perseverance have paid off.

I decided to do a 12 mile day hike with my oldest son starting at Hwy 68, 58.7 N on map. Although the first couple of miles were on pavement we both enjoyed the splendid scenery and the beautiful houses and landscaping. It was a glorious day weather wise and only got better as we went along. Traveling through the Audobon sanctuary was a real treat and is definitely worth returning to.

Climbing over Wachusett Mt. was enjoyable as well. Even though it's small in stature I got the feel of accomplishment I get from larger Mtns, and was a good warm up for my son who with out to much encouragement from me seems to enjoy hiking all most as much as me.
We started at 8:55am on 8-24-03, and finished in the ski resort parking lot at 2:05pm. A respectable speed in my eyes.

Only 20 miles to go which I plan to do with my son on Columbus day weekend in a overnighter. I'll let you know how it goes and send in some money for one of those coveted patches.

My next journey will be the Bay Circuit around Boston. I received the maps and it's 200 miles long, though that is all I know about it at this time.

If all these companies sell backpacking gear, then where can you use it? As you know I'm camping out illegally and wonder where it's o'k to do this. I know I asked you before, but I feel ignorant that the only place I know where you can camp off the trail is in the White Mts. or the Appalachain Trail.

I hope I find you well and enjoy the new season, J.B.R

Hi Don, I finished the trail staying overnight at the Muddy pond shelter on a rainy Sunday. It was a wonderful trip. I would love to purchase two patches and can only assume I send it to the same address as the trail guide. The website says to contact you, not giving an address. Let me know what to do please. I'll send some pictures when their developed and a brief description of the last 25 miles. Thank you for all your help, J.B.R

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