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Wachusett Mountain
on the Midstate Trail

Mt Wachusett

     Wachusett Mountain, the highest point in Massachusetts east of the Berkshires, is a delight for skiers, hikers and naturalists. At 2,006 feet, it offers spectacular views. Mount Monadnock to the north, the Boston skyline to the east and the Berkshire Hills to the west all can be seen on a clear day. The annual hawk migration and fall foliage are spectacular. The Reservation offers 17 miles of trails, including 3.9 miles of the Midstate Trail.

Mt Wachusett in winter

  1. NH / MA Line marker
  2. Mt Watatic
  3. Crow Hill Ledges, Leominster State Forest
  4. Redemption Rock
  5. Wachusett Mountain State Reservation
  6. Barre Falls Dam
  7. Harding Hill
  8. Sampson's Pebble
  9. Spencer State Forest
  10. Hodges Village Dam
  11. Douglas State Forest
  12. MA / RI Line marker
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