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A guidebook for the Midstate Trail is available and features maps, history, geology and more. Click here to learn how you can get a copy of the MST Guidebook.

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Points of interest on the
Midstate Trail of Massachusetts

Midstate Trail Map

CLICK HERE for a 8" by 11" printable PDF image of this map. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf map.

You can purchase a Midstate Trail Guidebook: CLICK HERE

A Thru-hiker's Guide to the Massachusetts Midstate Trail
Mike Benedetti's "addendum" to the Midstate Trail Guidebook in .pdf format as well. Click here.

Mara's Midstate Thruhike Journal

Midstate Trail north

  1. NH / MA Line marker
  2. Mt Watatic
  3. Crow Hill Ledges, Leominster State Forest
  4. Redemption Rock
  5. Wachusett Mountain State Reservation
  6. Barre Falls Dam
  7. Harding Hill
  8. Sampson's Pebble
  9. Spencer State Forest
  10. Hodges Village Dam
  11. Douglas State Forest
  12. MA / RI Line marker
Midstate Trail South