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Do you have a wildflower photo from the Midstate Trail you would like to share? Click the Trail Talk link above and post it on the message board.


Wildflowers of
the Midstate Trail

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Welcome to the plant life collection from the Midstate Trail. The photos from this section are submissions from friends and travellers on the Trail. We encourage all walkers on the Midstate to send in favorite plant portraits for our collection. Use the message board or email Don.

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midstateHere's some pictures of Midstate Trail wildflowers from Mary Bassett's camera. CLICK HERE to see Mary's photos.

midstateThis group of wildflower photos are from Tim Novak and were taken all over central Massachusetts. Click HERE to view them.


Leave No Trace means traveling and camping with care, deliberately planning, and guiding one's actions so as not to harm the environment or disturb others.

triangleInformation about OLD GROWTH on Mt. Wachusett can be found CLICKING HERE.

   Russ Cohen, is one of the foremost wild edibles experts in New England, and has been foraging and teaching about the wild edibles of New England for over 30 years. Check out the review of his latest book: Wild Plants I Have Known... and Eaten

   If you would like to join Russ on an edible plant hike, click the link below to find a hike in your area.