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Douglas State Forest

    On the borders of Connecticut and Rhode Island, this 5,907-acre state forest offers a variety of recreational opportunities not least of which is hiking on the Midstate Trail.

Douglas State Forest

Douglas State Forest shelter
   Douglas State Forest includes a rare example of Atlantic White Cedar swampland. A 5-acre portion of this swamp is designated as a Massachusetts Wildland. It is accessible to the public via a boardwalk trail.

  1. NH / MA Line marker
  2. Mt Watatic
  3. Crow Hill Ledges, Leominster State Forest
  4. Redemption Rock
  5. Wachusett Mountain State Reservation
  6. Barre Falls Dam
  7. Harding Hill
  8. Sampson's Pebble
  9. Spencer State Forest
  10. Hodges Village Dam
  11. Douglas State Forest
  12. MA / RI Line marker